Job Seekers

Applying for a job at Labourworks can be done either remotely or through an application process in our office depending on what position you would like to be considered for.

We can work with job seekers to look for the perfect role and formulate your candidate profile with us to market out to our active clients. It’s simple! Just make an appointment with one of the team and we will take you through our registration process.

We cover positions across a broad range of roles.  We offer casual and temporary work short term, long term and permanent placements with our clients.

We also have placements that consist of temporary placements leading into permanent employment.

Just like our candidates, each position is unique in its requirements.

With your initial application we include a Health & Safety induction, Literacy & Numeracy Assessment, and a client specific induction if relevant to the position you are applying for (if it relates to the positions you are interested in).

With the health and safety of our candidates being a top priority we conduct pre-employment drug testing with your application.

What to bring..

When coming in for an appointment please bring with you the following:

  • Bank Account details
  • IRD Number
  • Contacts for Verbal Referees
  • ID (Drivers Licence) & Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Certificates / Qualifications

Helpful Videos

Check out these videos for helpful advice on important aspects of the job application process.